Harvesting Spent Resources

Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1999. A company based on a strong belief in Sustainability. A company with social purpose.

We have been harvesting base and precious metals from Spent resources from the Industry.

We currently process 36,000MT a year of materials such as Spent Industrial Catalysts from the companies petrochemical and petroleum refinery complexes, Wastewater Sludge from Electroplating & Semiconductor plants, other metal bearing residues from Steel Manufacturing, other Lage Manufacturing Plants.  

We also harvest heat energy from 500 MT a year of waste wood, and electrical energy from the sun with our own 750KWp Solar PV roof.

Our sustainable business consumes a NETT, -130 CO2 eq MT per year. The entire operations at our 120,000 sqft facility in Tuas is Carbon Negative.

In 2016, the company obtained a licence to retail electricity in Singapore under ES Power. We decided to make a greater social impact through the medium of electricity. Retailing Carbon Neutral Electricity allows us to democratise climate change, and through digitisation & innovation agglomerate the collective effort of individual consumers to make large social impacts.

ES Power

shutterstock_606112466-524677-editedFrom 2016 until today, ES Power has provided 100% Carbon Neural Electricity to more than 700 businesses, helping companies small to large save money, with the same seamless delivery of electricity one would expect, while helping to save the environment at the same time.

As a company based on a strong belief in Sustainability and with social purpose, we even go to the extent of helping companies celebrate Carbon Neutral events and providing a platform for social enterprises to worry less about their electricity bill and focus on doing good. In a nutshell, ES Power helps one and all:

  • Save money, with the same seamless electricity delivery.
  • Save the environment, with Carbon neutral electricity at no additional cost.
  • A further eSolar premium that allows a blend of renewable electricity to live green.
  • An online e-Dashboard that allows you to manage electricity usage while getting insights.
  • Enable social enterprises with the Gift of Electricity through our micro-philanthropy.

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