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We understand MCST or building owners and are fully aware of your needs and the amount of time and effort that goes into administrative chores. ES Power goes a step further to make your life easier with well tailored and sustainable energy plan to help you with all the electricity accounts you have to manage.

Opening and closing tenant accounts, collecting usage data and meter readings, generating and chasing payments are all necessary activities that are also time consuming, but ES Power makes it a breeze, so you can focus on more important aspects of your business, while living green at the same time.


shutterstock_399944503The Online Tenant Management System

Our online system allows you to easily manage electricity accounts in and out of your leased units. You will enjoy a full suite of management features, a master dashboard with customisable views and reports to fully manage your tenants’ bills and payments. You will also gain full insights to your tenants electricity usage. This will increase your business productivity by freeing up your time for you to focus on your business.

  • Easy tenants management
  • All accounts clearly displayed in one place
  • Customer service just a click away 

What is eSolar?


eSolar was designed for customers that want to tap into renewable energy. eSolar is a blend that includes a 5% component of solar electricity. We achieve this by a concept of Green Tagging renewable energy with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).  All ES Power eSolar customers are issued RECs commensurate with 5% of their total electricity consumption in MWh. In this way, eSolar is a blend of 95/5 carbon neutral and renewable energy.  Customers may also choose blends with higher proportion of renewables, e.g. 90/10 blend.

All RECs we issue originate from live Solar PV projects in Singapore, including our own roof at Tuas. All RECs we issued are registered at the APX registry.

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1-9Frequently Asked Questions

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Commonly asked questions, answered here!

What is carbon neutral electricity?
In Singapore, our electricity supply comes from only one power grid. ES Power offset your business’ carbon emissions created by electricity consumption i.e. the entire electricity consumption carbon footprint of our customers is offset to ZERO. We have Carbon Credits to do so – obtained through green energy projects and sustainability programmes around the world, which we use to neutralise the carbon generated in the production of electricity.
What is the advantage of buying electricity from an independent retailer?
Independent electricity retailers can offer packages with different price plans and services to suit different usage patterns. If you decide to buy electricity from any energy retailer, you will be billed directly by your retailer based on the commercially agreed electricity price.
Is there a minimum Power Purchase Agreement tenure for the tenants
Generally, there is a minimum 6 months for Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) tenure. Tenants occupying either whole building or unit(s) of a building, however, are advised to check on their Tenancy Agreement if there is a binding limitating them to buy electricity from retailers other than the designated retailer by landlord. Further more, they shall aslo check on the lease period of the land/building/unit before commiting the tenure of PPA.
Who bills and collects payment from the tenants?
If tenants have signed PPA directly with ES Power and landlord has agreed with ES Power on the tenant management, we will bill to tenants and collect payment directly from tenants as well. Otherwise,  billing and collection may be done by the landlord.
Is there a notice period for tenant termination of Power Purchase Agreement?
Tenant can terminate the PPA anytime! However, penalty clause in accordance with our T&Cs will be applied if the termination notice served is more than 2 months before the contract expring date.