There are many things in life that are beyond our control like the weather or winning the lottery and more. But there are some things that can be guaranteed, such as monthly savings on your ES Power electricity bill.

With the hassle-free GFREEDOM savings plan, live free, knowing that you will be saving all the time. No matter how much the regulated tariff is for each quarter, you'll be assured of a monthly bill that is at least 20% lower than the regulated tariff, allowing you to focus on what's more important - living.

Aside from saving money, enjoy 100% Carbon Neutral Electricity at ZERO additional costs leaving you no Carbon Footprint, allowing you to help save the environment as well.



So start saving today.

Save more than just money!

Switch To ES PowerES power connects you to a community that takes action to protect the environment. The carbon emissions related to your energy consumption are fully offset and you have an additional option to complement your plan with environmental attributes from GSolar.

With GFREEDOM, you will enjoy:

  • 100% Carbon Neutral Electricity at ZERO additional cost.
  • Fixed % discount of regulated tariff.
  • Guaranteed savings off regulated Tariff that changes every quarter.
  • Freedom from budgeting or being locked to a specific rate.
  • NO FEE for Transmission Loss Factor, as per regulations. 
  • NO FEE for Carbon Tax, as the latter will be imposed only to companies with more than 25,000MT of CO2 eqv. 
  • Hassle-free transition process from SP with ZERO electricity disruptions.

What is GSolar?

 ES Power GSolar 5%

GSolar was designed for customers that want to tap into renewable energy. GSolar is a blend that includes a 5% component of solar electricity. We achieve this by the concept of Green Tagging renewable energy with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). All ES Power GSolar customers are issued RECs commensurate with 5% of their total electricity consumption in MWh. In this way, GSolar is a blend of 95/5 carbon neutral and renewable energy. Customers may also choose blends with higher proportion of renewables, e.g. 90/10 blend. All RECs we issue originate from live Solar PV projects in Singapore, including our own roof at Tuas. All RECs we issued are registered at the APX registry.

Live Green With Us Today


1-9Frequently Asked Questions

Got something on your mind? 

Our team gathered this list of commonly asked questions. 

What is carbon neutral electricity?
In Singapore, our electricity supply comes from only one power grid. ES Power offset your carbon emissions created by electricity consumption i.e. the entire electricity consumption carbon footprint of our customers is offset to ZERO. We have Carbon Credits to do so – obtained through green energy projects and sustainability programmes around the world, which we use to neutralise the carbon generated in the production of electricity. Click here to learn more about Carbon Neutral Electricity.
What if my lease expires before the tenure of my Power Purchase Agreement?
- ES Power can offer tenures that expire to coincide the expiry of your lease.
- If you are relocating under the same name, we allow novation of your power purchase agreement to be effected at your new property.
How long does it take to transfer an existing electricity account to ES Power?

The duration of the transfer depends on who the existing electricity provider is for the consumer.
- If your current electricity provider is different from SP, the transfer will take at least 2 working days.
- If your current provider is Singapore Power, the transfer can take between 3 to 7 working days.

Can I consolidate several properties across Singapore into one account?
Yes, as soon as they are ready by zones and you are authorised to sign up for ES Power for those properties. Thanks to this consolidation, you will be able to view all your premises on our User Management Dashboard. However, the date of issue and dispatch of invoices of separate premises depends on the billing period determined by Singapore Power. Therefore it is possible that different premises will be receive billing invoices on different dates. For more information, please contact our customer service officers at 1800 888 1010.

Is there a bill size limit to purchase power on the ES Power online shop?
There is no theoretical bill size ceiling to make online purchases. However the ES Power online shop is catered towards bill sizes below $10,000 per month, offering two saving plans that are most suitable. For buyers with bigger bill sizes, multiple properties or needing assistance, you also have the possibility to purchase power through expert fulfillment assistants by telephone at 1800 888 1010.
Will I be charged for Transmission Loss Factor?
As per regulations, ES Power will not impose a fee for Transmission Loss Factor.
Will I be charged for Carbon Tax?
For the carbon tax, it is going to be imposed to those companies > 25,000MT of CO2 eqv. We at ES Power are not directly affected by this so we will not pass this on to our customers.