Welcome to a new era. Introducing GDollars, the new and rewarding currency that aims to help you use less and save more. Every ES Power Green Plan will earn you GDollars, which you can use to offset your electricity bill. The more you earn, the closer you are to the possibility of a ZERO-Dollar Bill.

Earn the most amount of GDollars simply and easily with every successful referral through your unique promo code. The more you earn, the closer you are to a ZERO-Dollar Bill.

Refer A Friend-1

You can also earn GDollars for every kWh you use, no matter which ES Power Green Plan you're on. 

For the optional GSolar Add On, you will earn 2X GDollars.

Earn GDollars

For GFLEXI users, you'll be rewarded with GDollars for any unused component of your plan.

Earn with GFLEXI

And here's how you can offset your electricity bill with GDollars. The more you earn, the greater the possibility to achieve ZERO-Dollar Bills. Start referring your family and friends today!

Offset Your ES Power Bill with GDollars with the Possibility of a ZERO-Dollar Bill