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Sustainability is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity, hence the growing need for enterprises to incorporate it into their overall business. ES Power offers the hassle-free solution to support their CSR strategy in addition to considerable savings off their electricity bill to businesses.

With ES Power, we help you save with the right business energy plans. The carbon emissions related to your energy consumption are fully offset. You can also choose to complement Carbon Neutral Electricity with our verified eSolar Green Electricity.



ES Power’s savings plans are tailored for your business. Our electricity plans are based on wholesale prices with the option of adding a limiting tariff cap to eliminate any risks of additional expenditure. With ES Power, you can now focus on what's important - your business.

Featuring a User Management Dashboard, you will get clear insights and full control over your electricity consumption. This is an indispensable tool to assist in helping you make the optimal decisions for your business. This is just another reason to live green with us.

  • Environmental attributes
  • Lowest costs option
  • Customer service just a click away 

What is eSolar?


eSolar was designed for customers that want to tap into renewable energy. eSolar is a blend that includes a 5% component of solar electricity. We achieve this by a concept of Green Tagging renewable energy with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).  All ES Power eSolar customers are issued RECs commensurate with 5% of their total electricity consumption in MWh. In this way, eSolar is a blend of 95/5 carbon neutral and renewable energy.  Customers may also choose blends with higher proportion of renewables, e.g. 90/10 blend.

All RECs we issue originate from live Solar PV projects in Singapore, including our own roof at Tuas. All RECs we issued are registered at the APX registry.

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1-9Frequently Asked Questions

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Commonly asked questions, answered here!

What is Carbon Neutral electricity?

In Singapore, our electricity supply comes from only one power grid. ES Power offset your business’ carbon emissions created by electricity consumption i.e. the entire electricity consumption carbon footprint of our customers is offset to ZERO. We have Carbon Credits to do so – obtained through green energy projects and sustainability programmes around the world, which we use to neutralise the carbon generated in the production of electricity.

How will I know my electricity is truly carbon neutral?
Your business will be awarded with a Carbon offset Certificate, providing a tangible and quantifiable proof to substantiate your CSR approach or sustainability development goals. 
Carbon certificates are employed throughout the world and are transacted through exchanges, much like the stock exchange. You will be issued a carbon offset certificate annually to indicate your carbon offset details. As a large scaled business, you may be issued a carbon offset certificate every six months.

What is the advantage of buying electricity from an independent retailer?

Independent electricity retailers can offer packages with different price plans and services to suit different usage patterns. If you decide to buy electricity from any energy retailer, you will be billed directly by your retailer based on the commercially agreed electricity price.

What advantage has ES Power over Gentailers?
- Unlike Gentailers, as an independent retailer ES Power does not have generation assets to serve as a natural hedge against spot price fluctuations. ES Power hedges its risk on the Electricity Futures market.
- In addition, Gentailers use fossil fuel for power generation, which generates greenhouse gas emissions at their power plant and along the gas supply chain. 
As a company with sustainability cause, all ES Power price plans are 100% Carbon Neutral.
What value can ES Power provide besides electricity?
- ES Power is the first retailer in Singapore to retail 100% carbon neutral electricity. It means that all the carbon emissions from your business' electricity will be offset. We will issue an annual certificate and you even have an option to complement your plan with environmental attributes from renewable sources.
- ES Power Master Dashboard is a tool tailored to answer your specific need. Trying it is adopting it! You'll find useful insights to help you make the best decisions for your business.
- ES Power offers hedging services to really make the best of our flexible bespoke plans.