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Electricity is the medium by which we can reduce inequalities and help prevent poverty. All non profit social enterprises with ES Power will be automatically listed on our Micro-philanthropy platform. Which is designed to accept monetary contributions from the public to help pay for the bills of these social enterprises. More than 30 social enterprises now benefit from our platform. With the launch of the Open Electricity Market, this allows ES Power to extend this to homes in need (coming soon).

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Can you imagine having to sacrifice electricity for food or any other necessity? At ES Power, we believe that no one should be left behind. Electricity is not just a commodity but a basic need that all Singaporeans should have access to at any given moment, without having to sacrifice other needs. That’s why we’re here to lend a hand to those who require assistance in paying their electricity bills. If you need help, or know of anyone who is in need, please let us know through the form below; we will be glad to offer our support.

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ES Power pursues a mission of lighting up lives of those less privileged. We are always willing to support those who take action to do good for the community. That’s why we get involved by proposing unique solutions to social enterprises, charities, and non-profit organisations in Singapore. With the micro-philanthropy platform, social enterprises are able to focus more on doing good and less on operational expenses. If you’re from a social enterprise and keen to partner up with us or learn more, we would love to hear from you!

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